About Me


My name is Brandon, I LOVE playing sport’s and playing video games in my spare time! Because of this it is almost impossible for me to keep a steady job=/ This introduced me to a new hobby, making money online=] … At one point I was also one of those kid’s that thought making money online was impossible, but boy was I wrong. In my first month of internet marketing I received a check for $402, I know that’s not a lot of money but for a 16 y/o kid like me, it is=P As soon as I got the check it I wanted to make more and more money! This was the beginning of my online career.

If your a gamer (like me) Check out my Youtube gaming channel – My Gaming Channel

If your a online marketer (like me) Check out my marketing page- My Marketing Channel


One response to “About Me

  1. yo dude I found you on youtube, nice job with tycoon cash flow. Im 19 just bought this program like 3, 1/2 weeks ago, but still havent seen any profits. Got like 3 solid programs im advertising and currently getting 2 of those pages ranked on google. Man if you have any advice or tips it would be awesome, because Ive learned everything I can from tycoon cash flow but I fell like its not enough, so if you could give me any advice it would be awesome man. Thanks

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