My Sports

Who say’s Gaming Nerd’s can’t be good at sports? ^__^

I have played sports all my life, it completes me. I am a very gifted athlete and can pickup any sport you throw at me! I have the build to play pretty much any sport I want, I work my but off in the weight room and it certainly shows on the field.

A little about my build below..

Ht- 6′

Weight- 205

40 yrd dash- 4.45-4.5

Shuttle run- 4.02

Broad Jump- 10.8 ft

Although I’ve had a fairly successful sports career in high school, I have  had some fall backs. After my sophomore football season I learned that I needed surgery on both of my knees as a result of 2 minor tears in each of my meniscus’. These surgeries dramatically impacted me, I had to sit out the whole basketball season and lost a lot of my speed. After my Junior year of football, I had done it again. Torn my right meniscus. After hearing the news from the doctor I was fairly depressed about sports for a while, thinking things like ” I wonder how fast I would be now if I had never got injured” and things like that. But with a lot of support from my family and team mates I worked harder than anything to gain my speed back for this year. Working out and doing sprints etc every day of the summer. Now I am faster and bigger than I have ever been, looking forward to my senior year! Keep posted on my blog for my sports stats etc…

I have been the leading rusher and scorer on my football team for the past 2 years and don’t expect it to be any different this year! I’ll be uploading random videos of some clips throughout this season, followed by a football montage of my Soph, Junior and Senior years playing football.

I joined my high school track team my Sophomore year because baseball was just too boring for me (not that track is much better haha) . . . But I figured I’d try something different and see how I liked it. Low and behold I was on my way to becoming a state finalist in Javelin. My first year competing in Javelin I ranked 17th in my state. My junior year I was ranked 5th (one rank away from going to New England Finals -__-). But this year I plan to be #1 in my state and hopefully do good in regionals! Of course I’ll keep everything posted on my blog to keep you guy’s informed =)

Here’s a video from my sophomore year!

Here is a video from my Junior year!


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